Welcome RB Coaches!

Want to request funding?

  • Click here to make a funding request. Requests MUST be made using this form. Coaches from any of the sports at RB can request Booster support, including help with costs of uniforms, gear, or facility improvements. All requests should be submitted for review at least one week before the Sports Boosters Meeting (held on the third Thursday of each month of the school year). The Booster Board will notify the Athletic Director of the final decision, who will communicate this to the coach.

What should you know about Boosters?

  • Please encourage your parents to join Boosters!
  • We designate a Booster Team Rep (a Booster parent volunteer) for every one of the 28 sports at RB. Make sure you know who yours is! They will help coordinate Booster volunteers and ensure your parents know about Booster events and fundraising efforts.
  • Banners for senior student-athletes require a lot of coordination — but are well-loved by the students and parents. The Booster Team Rep can assist, but we will need your help to coordinate.
  • Never hesitate to reach out to us if you have ideas or questions (info@rbsportsboosters.com). We are here for you!