We need your help with concession coverage for the FALL SEASON.
We are asking each Booster Member to take 2 slots for the fall season.
That won't be too bad! And we raise so much $$$ for our Bulldogs!!
Your athlete will thank you!!

FOR BOOSTER REPS: THE LAST SECTION OF EACH SIGN UP SLOT IS SPECIFICALLY FOR BOOSTER TEAM REPS. Every date needs to be covered by a Booster team rep who will be responsible for checking the SUG to ensure that enough volunteers have signed up. If you are a Booster rep for a Fall Sport, please sign up for a few of these dates (choose all time slots for a given date). Your job is then to monitor the sign up for your assigned dates and enlist help if not enough people have signed up. We recommend choosing the dates for which you will already be there volunteering to work anyway--then you can call a friend and a make a night of it! Thanks!